UTG Multi-functional Compact Laser/FlashlightZoom

UTG Multi-functional Compact Laser/Flashlight

Item# PY-A-2240
Availability: Usually ships the next business day
  • Robust and light weight aircraft auminum throughout
  • One piece precision machined for maximum strength
  • Hard anodized finish for wear resistance
  • Compact dimensions 3.58" X 1.58" X 1.96" and light weight
  • Easy-to-operate 3-stage functional switch
  • Ambidextrous finger adjustable toggle/permanent on/off switch
  • Universal integral clamp-on mounting deck to fit most tactical pistols or rfles with weaver rails with or without rail slot
  • Flashlight with instant spot focus for clear object identification
  • TS platform, combat quality integral laser with precise windage/elevation adjustment with clear and extra bright laser beam
  • Aim and instant target lock to enhance shooting accuracy
  • Combat rated quality for shock and water resistance
  • Two 3-volt lithium batteries included
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