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Daisy Airsoft Electronic Scoring Target

Item# PY-A-1789
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For indoor or outdoor practice and friendly competition, the AirStrike Electronic Scoring Target takes airsoft fun to the next level. Single players can play the timed game in which they try to shoot a high score before 99 seconds are up. One L.E.D. readout shows the accumulated score, the other counts-down the time remaining. Two players can also compete in the "high score" game to see who can be the first to shoot 99 points. Two players can also compete in a timed competition called "Seventy-One" in which they take turns shooting and attempt to reduce their points from 71 to exactly zero. You"ve played "HORSE" on the basketball court. Now you can try your luck with airsoft. Can you shoot the same score your opponent just shot? Each shot not only registers the score according to the target ring it hits but also makes one of four distinct sounds: breaking glass...ricoch...bell...and buzzer.
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