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Colt M1991 A1 HPA Series

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The Colt M1991 A1 is a great second chance gun. It is part of the HPA Series, Heavy Powerful Accurate Series. This is a realistic replica. The Colt M1991 A1 uses an Advanced BAX HOP UP Accuracy System. The "Hop-Up" system creates friction on the BB as it is shot through the barrel. This puts a spin on the BB that helps it to fight gravity, wind resistance, and air friction allowing it to be shot farther.

This is a Spring Airsoft Pistol, which means it's powered by a spring and must be cocked for each shot. It's fast, clean, inexpensive and easily maintained; it requires no gas or batteries to operate. If you're looking for a fun, reliable Airsoft Pistol that'll look great and perform even better, you've come to the right place.

  • Repeater
  • Spring Action
  • Weight: 453 g
  • Magazine capacity: 12 rds
  • Comes with 100 BB's (0.2g)
  • Velocity: up to 307 FPS with 0.12G BBS
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