Colt National Match Silver Spring Pistol by KWCZoom

Colt National Match Silver Spring Pistol by KWC

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KWC Spring Single Action Colt National Match Chrome. Fully functional top-slide is cocked back in an authentic fashion before each shot. Authentic Magazine release and Hammer. Superb Chrome finish. Velocity: 320 Fps with 0.12g BBs and 280 Fps with 0.2g BBs

30 years after the introduction of the Colt .45 1911 Government model, World War II started and thereafter came the ultimate testing ground for the service pistol. Arming soldiers and officers as a self-defense weapon in the Pacific and in Europe, the .45 1911-A1 model passed the battlefield "tests" with flying colors. Some 7 years after the war had ended; the U.S. military brass considered the .45 cartridge an effective round but that the full-sized Government model that fired it was too large for officers and others of high rank to easily carry. Keeping the caliber and capacity, the model 1911-A1 was shortened by 5/8 of an inch, manufactured with lighter alloys and named after the personnel it was designed for, the Commander appeared and was praised. This is a spring gun and the slide must be cocked for each shot. It requires no gas or batteries to operate. Due to this feature, the costs of spring guns are significantly lower, as well as maintenance. They are the most durable of all airsoft guns because they have less pieces that can break. Spring guns are very reliable, affordable and handsome guns.
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