HFC HG-196 Full Metal Gas Airsoft PistolZoom

HFC HG-196 Full Metal Gas Airsoft Pistol

Classic World War II pistol. This non-blowback version is authentically built. Full metal construction is very solid and makes the gun hefty. Rigid hammer really knocks on a firing pin, which in turn activates the gas valve! Double action trigger allows rapid firing. Removable full metal magazine. Broomstick grip with fake wood furniture looks authentic, with sling mount to attach a pistol cord. Very handsome gun. Very high power and fires with a loud pop, sending BBs straight and far at 370fps+! Minimal cool down effect means performance is very stable and perfect for skirmishing. Velocity: 450 Fps with 0.12g BBs; 410 Fps with 0.2g BBs; 370 Fps with 0.25g BBs

The development of the C-96 began in 1893 or 1894. Most work had been done by the Federle brothers, who worked for the Mauser company. Final design appeared early in 1895 and had been patented by Paul Mauser. Production began in 1896. The C-96 had been offered for the German Military
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