Crosman Stinger R34 Spring Airsoft Rifle ClearZoom

Crosman Stinger R34 Spring Airsoft Rifle Clear

Modeled after artillery used by special ops soldiers, the Stinger R34 airsoft gun features a removable stock and an adjustable foregrip for increased stability. It comes with a four-sided rail structure to mount accessories like the included red cross sight for increased visibility, an LED flashlight, which illuminates your target, and the adjustable foregrip. And thanks to the Hop-Up system, you'll enjoy increased accuracy and distance. Not to mention, the quick reload chamber lets you replenish your plastic BBs as fast as you can shake them into place.

  • Magazine holds up to 18 plastic BBs. Reservoir holds up to 400 plastic BBs.
  • LED flashlight for better target visibility
  • Removable stock for increased stability
  • Electronic red cross sight gives you a more accurate shot
  • Four-sided rail structure lets you easily mount accessories

Package: the Crosman R34, magazine, red dot, sling.
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