Echo 1 Modular Tactical Carbine (MTC1) AEGZoom

Echo 1 Modular Tactical Carbine (MTC1) AEG

The Echo 1 Modular Tactical Carbine (MTC1) is a spin off of the Echo 1 G36c. The MTC is a G36c enhanced, so to speak. The folding stock has been replaced with an M4/M16 buffer tube, and the magazine well has been changed with the M4 magwell adaptor. By changing these two key components on the G36c Echo 1 has opened up many new possibilities for customization. Also included with the MTC are two rail segments that are made to replace the iron sights on the top rail, making it more useful for mounting low optics like reflex sights. Aside from these exterior modifications it's still the same great performing and reliable Echo 1 G36c that we all know and love.

Package Includes: gun, 300rd M4 magazine, stock adaptor, rail adaptors, cleaning rod, 8.4v 1100 mah battery, 250v charger. Battery charge time: 4 hours.
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