A&K Full Metal MIL249 KII Airsoft AEG by TSDZoom

A&K Full Metal MIL249 KII Airsoft AEG by TSD

If you are looking for a squad automatic weapon (SAW) the A&K M249 may be the best option for you. It features full metal construction and a detailed finish that makes you feel like you are holding the real thing. In addition to the 2400 round box magazine the A&K M249 has the ability to use standard M4/M16 magazines (just like the Classic Army), so you have the ability to share magazines with the rest of your squad. The folding metal bi-pod and skeletal stock with shoulder rest make this SAW ready to lay down a base of fire.

The A&K M249 is full metal with built in bipod and redesigned 8mm gearbox and hop-up chamber. It is an out of the box ready to go heavy firing support machine gun! The TOP, CA and other M249 normally costs from $600 ~ $1000 without the box magazine, reliability and upgrade-ability!
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