HFC M166 Metal Full/Semi - Auto Compact Pistol by TSDZoom

HFC M166 Metal Full/Semi - Auto Compact Pistol by TSD

New HFC M166 gas blow back full/semi auto compact pistol on the market.

The M166 Compact is lighter, and more concealable. This modern looking pistol is built to last with a durable metal slide and metal barrel. The realistic blowback action works in both semiautomatic and fully automatic fire modes. With the quick flick of your thumb you can switch from semi to full auto fire and put 18 rounds down range in an instant. This makes the M1166 Compact extremely handy in close quarters scenarios when you need to suppress fire or engage multiple targets. Plus, it's just plain fun to shoot. The adjustable HOP UP accuracy system allows you to accurately adjust the M116 Compact's fire at different ranges. The M166 Compact uses green gas to produce an impressive muzzle velocity of 280 to 300 FPS while firing .20g BBs. This makes the pistol effective against mid range targets while still keeping it safe for close quarters combat. HFC and TSD Tactical have done and great job putting together a durable gas pistol with plenty of firepower at an affordable price. This makes the new M166 a great choice for any airsofter.

  • Metal slide & barrel
  • ABS frame
  • 350 RPM
  • Blowback, semi/full-auto
  • Adjustable hop-up
  • Black slide
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