Echo 1 M5-J Airsoft S.M.G. Ver. 3Zoom

Echo 1 M5-J Airsoft S.M.G. Ver. 3

Item# PY-1551
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An exact replica of the famous sub-machine gun that many Special Operations units use today. It comes with the current version Navy style trigger group. It's retractable stock makes it a great weapon in C.Q.B. and outdoor situations. ECHO 1 AEGs are fully upgradeable and compatible with all aftermarket external and internal parts. ECHO 1 MP5s are also compatible with other major brands of magazines.

Battery charge time: 4.5 hours.

Metal parts include: muzzle, front sight, front sling mount, cocking bolt, wall hanger, magazine, magazine release, trigger, selector switch, rear sight, rear sling mount and stock.
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