Echo 1 Model 249 PARA Airsoft Machine GunZoom

Echo 1 Model 249 PARA Airsoft Machine Gun

If you are looking for a squad automatic weapon (SAW) the ECHO1 M249 may be the best option for you. It features full metal construction and a detailed finish that makes you feel like you are holding the real thing. In addition to the 2400 round box magazine the ECHO1 M249 has the ability to use standard M4/M16 magazines (just like the Classic Army), so you have the ability to share magazines with the rest of your squad. The folding metal bi-pod and skeletal stock with shoulder rest make this SAW ready to lay down a base of fire.

The 2400 round box uses 2 AA Batteries(not included)

  • Box magazine
  • Metal spring guide
  • Skeletal stock
  • Folding metal bi-pod
  • Redesigned gear box
  • New Hop-Up chamber design
  • 8mm bearing gear box
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