Full Metal M4 Commando AEG Airsoft Rifle by UTGZoom

Full Metal M4 Commando AEG Airsoft Rifle by UTG

Velocity: 360 fps w/ .2g
Ammo type: .2g - .25g
Hop Up: Adjustable
Weight: 7.9 lbs
Magazine capacity: 300 rds
Length: 28.25" - 32"
Battery: Mini or Large Type 8.4v with mini connector

  • World-wide first, most creative firearm rated metal quad rail handguard
  • Designed to accommodate large capacity battery
  • Innovative quick release feature for most user friendly and speedy battery replacement in critical airsoft skirmish missions
  • Full metal body and components
  • Authentic law enforcement grade accessories
  • High torque motor
  • 100% metal gearbox
  • High cap metal magazine
  • Easily detachable metal body and components

World-wide First, Most Creative Firearm Rated Metal Quad Rail Handguard Designed to Accommodate Large Capacity Battery.

Comes with: 8.4v 1800mah Nicad battery pack, 300mah trickle charger, UTG super duty vertical foregrip, 3 rubber rail protectors and deluxe M4 tri-rail barrel mount with detachable sling mount.

Battery charge time: 6 hours
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