TSD Sports Series SD87 Shotgun, Retractable StockZoom

TSD Sports Series SD87 Shotgun, Retractable Stock

TSD Sports 87-Series shell-loading shotgun

Package includes the following:
FPS: 260-280 w/ 0.20g
Shell load 14BB, includes 4-shells
Fire Mode: pump-action
Hop-up: adjustable
Accessories RIS & top RIS
Shell holster & BB loader

Recommended for beginners and mid level players for its modest price and power. Each shell acts like a magazine and carries up to 14 BBs.

Fill a shell with 14 BBs, insert the loaded shell in the shotgun, pump the forearm & pull the trigger. One BB will be shot with each combination of pumping the forearm & pulling the trigger. This is a repeater, but you must manually cock the gun with a single pump to the forearm to advance another BB into the chamber.
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