Echo 1 SM-C Airsoft Rifle Version 3Zoom

Echo 1 SM-C Airsoft Rifle Version 3

The G36C is the compact variant of the popular German G36 assault rifle. The combination of small size, power, and reliability makes this potent weapon a great choice for commandos and Special Forces units around the world. Even though our replica still uses airsoft ammunition, our G36C follows this original concept faithfully.

  • Integrated Sight
  • Adjustable Hop-Up
  • Folding Stock
  • Handguard Battery Compartment
  • Counter-Clockwise Threaded Outer Barrel (14mm)
  • Package Includes: Manual, HI-Cap Magazine, Battery, Charger, Cleaning Rod, 200 pcs 0.20BBs

Metal parts include: bushings, muzzle, front sight, front sling mount, cocking bolt, wall hanger, magazine, magazine release, trigger, selector switch, rear sight and rear sling mount. Comes with: 8.4v 1100 mah NiHM battery pack, charger and cleaning rod. Battery charge time: 4 hours
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