TSD 1911A1 Caspian Gas Airsoft PistolZoom

TSD 1911A1 Caspian Gas Airsoft Pistol

Like realistic 1911 guns? Check out WE's M-1911 Government green gas gun. It looks, feels and behaves like the firearm!

Made completely from metal with an anodized finish, it's more than just a replica! BBs fly out the muzzle at 300 fps, with realistic blowback action. Expect 310-320 fps with 0.20-gram BBs and 260-280 fps with 0.25-gram BBs.

Includes pistol, 15-rd mag & owner's manual.

This pistol now has a mag with a floorplate. We don't currently sell green gas with a nozzle long enough to reach the fill port through the floorplate. Mags listed in our ACCESSORIES link do not have the floorplate, so the green gas we sell will work with them (UHC-G1000 & CG-J91211).
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