Crosman TAC 1 and P30 Kit

Crosman TAC 1 and P30 Kit
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Velocity: 350 FPS with 0.12g BBs

Product Description

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This repeating shotgun is a short-barreled pump gun with a pistol grip and a 6-position adjustable stock. The spring-powered gun has an extended magazine with a feed dial that holds up to 240 plastic BBs and has an impressive velocity of up to 350 fps. For greater distance and accuracy, the Tac 1 uses the Hop-Up system.

The kit also comes with a P30 clear repeating spring airsoft pistol with black grips with 100 plastic BBs and the Hop-Up propulsion system for greater BB distance and accuracy. If you"re looking for a one-on-one match, you'll find two color versions of the P30, a 12" gel-trap target and 1,000 plastic BBs in the Stinger Challenge.

This exciting kit is completed with ammo, safety goggles and a gel trap target.

Guns Come with orange paint on tip
TAC 1:
240 plastic BBs and shoots up to 350 fps.
Stinger P30
Hop-Up propulsion system for greater BB distance and accuracy.

All Airsoft guns are sold with an orange tip. It is illegal to remove the orange tip. Removing the orange tip will void your warranty. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase any Airsoft gun. For more information read our Airsoft Disclaimer