Aftermath Kraken AK-47 AEG Airsoft RifleZoom

Aftermath Kraken AK-47 AEG Airsoft Rifle

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Comes with: 8.4v 1200mah NiCAD battery pack and 250mah trickle charger.

WARNING: Battery charge time is 5 hours with the included charger. Do not overcharge your battery or you will damage it.

You may receive an incorrect manual. We will upload the correct manual to our site soon.

1000 ct .20g bb's included!

AfterMath Kraken AK-47. Professional training and competition-model machine gun fires semi or full auto, at a wild 370 fps. Solid design features a steel barrel, steel body, frame and steel gearbox. Adjustable Hop-Up system. Includes a NiCAD battery and charger, 1000 rounds of ammo and a detachable magazine that holds 600 rounds.

Adjustable Flip-up Front & Rear Sights

Features: Metal Gear Box System, High Torque Motor, Adjustable Hop-up System
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