Schmeisser MP40 AEG by CybergunZoom

Schmeisser MP40 AEG by Cybergun

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The Cybergun Schmeisser MP40 is a replica of the German Wehrmacht Schmeisser machine pistol that was regarded as one of the best submachine guns ever designed. This famous WWII German SMG ... the MP40 is made entirely from stamped sheet metal just like the real version. The folding metal stock is quite heavy, and is actuated by a large button at the rear of the receiver. Most of the internal hardware is constructed from metal, including the nozzle and cylinder - which is a departure from the plastic bellows-type cylinders found on other AEG's.

Very authentic look and feel. If you're looking for an authentic WW-II classic then the TOP Maschinenpistole 40 Schmeisser is just about as perfect a replica as you can own.

Airsoft AEG- Airsoft Schmeisser MP-40 Machine Gun Comes with orange tips to comply with federal law.

We chronograhed this rifle at a very consistent 280 fps w/.25g BBs 320 fps w/.20g BBs and 390 fps w/.12g BBs.

Please only use .20 and 0.25 gram high quality BBs with MP40 to keep it in working condition.
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