Crosman Air Mag C11 Clear CO2 Powered Airsoft PistolZoom

Crosman Air Mag C11 Clear CO2 Powered Airsoft Pistol

Most Affordable Quality Gas Airsoft, Non-Blow Back, C02 powered pistol. The Air Mag C11 clear/black BB repeater is compact, high-powered and convenient. C02 powered, this airsoft gun can shoot up to 400fps.

- Accessory Rail. Weaver compatible rail on the front trigger guard is ready to take flashlight, laser, etc.
- Quick-release 15-round Ammo Clip. The magazine release is conveniently located by the thumb. One touch and the magazine drops out for easy reload.
- Easy CO2 Access. The grip cover slides back to expose the CO2. Powerlet chamber and locking pin. Powerlet can be dropped in and locked into place in seconds.

We chronographed this pistol at a very consistent 400 fps w/.12g BBs and 360 fps w/.20g BBs. We recommend only use .2g BBs in the C11 which will improve accuracy Each CO2 cartridge is good for up to 100 rds!
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