Walther G22 Special Operations - ClearZoom

Walther G22 Special Operations - Clear

Walther G22 Dual Power Special Operations
Dual power!
Lightning-fast trigger response

The G22 Dual Power allows the user to shoot both semi-auto and full-auto. You can also "precock" the G22 by pulling back on the bolt, thus loading a BB into the chamber. Electro-mechanical power enables precocking to give a lightning-fast trigger response.

Features adjustable Hop Up and adjustable rear sight.

Uses 6 AA alkaline batteries (not included).

An extremely short overall length of 29" (about 735mm). Adjustable sliding sights. Weaver-style universal rail at the sight mount to accept optics. Weaver-style universal rail at the front sight mount to accept a laser. Weaver-style universal rail at the forearm for a bipod or other accessories. The WALTHER Safety Package provides a maximum degree of safety during use and when in storage. It consists of a slide safety, cocking indicator, magazine safety and integral lock to protect against unauthorized use.

Comes with two clips that hold 28 rounds each. Also includes compensator and BB loader.
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