Desert Eagle .50 AE Airsoft Gas Pistol by Magnum ResearchZoom

Desert Eagle .50 AE Airsoft Gas Pistol by Magnum Research

Desert Eagle .50AE - Gas Blowback Pistol by KWC Official Licensed Products. Incredible gas powered pistol!

Adjustable spin-up for high accuracy. Features locking slide, open ejection port. This is one of the REAL POPULAR pistols on the market. This Gun Has Lot's Of Real Metal, Trigger, Hammer, Selector Switch and Magazine Inner Barrel. Operates in either full or semi-auto firing mode. Combination thumb safety and selector is located on the rear of the slide.

Pistol features the patented Spin Up system that places backspin on each BB fired for improved distance and accuracy.

This is a gas gun, which means that it uses gas, such as CO2 or Green Gas

Hose with quick CO2 connector is not included

Package: loading tool, CO2 power booster adapter, 100 bbs and manual
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