Walther P99 Clear Airsoft Electric PistolZoom

Walther P99 Clear Airsoft Electric Pistol

The Walther P99 Full / Semi Auto Firing Electric Airsoft Gun is a 1:1 full sized replica of the Walther P99. This is a truly awesome airsoft gun that shoots in both semi automatic mode and by switching the selector switch, you can shoot in fully automatic mode.

Unload an entire magazine in one trigger squeeze of the P99 airsoft gun or carefully aim and shoot in single shot mode. You do not need to re-cock after each shot since this quality air gun uses batteries to power it. 4 AAA batteries are required to operate the P99 air soft gun which are not included. Kit Includes: P99 Clear Pistol, Two 15 Shot Clips, Starter pack of bb's and Manual.
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