Walther P99 Spring Pistol - Clear KitZoom

Walther P99 Spring Pistol - Clear Kit

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An exact replica of the legendary P99. International police forces rely on the Walther P99, and the famous British secret agent saved the world with it in his last three films. Synonymous with quality and innovative technology. Great for Indoor/Outdoor Action! Designed to scale, even with safety and magazine release.

Fake silencer does not silence gun.

Extra Kit Includes: P99 Clear Pistol, 400 6mm Blue BBs, 400 6mm Nightglow BBs, Compensator, XL Extra back grip for a custom fit

NOTE: This gun has a 100-shot reservoir and a 14-shot clip. The gun box is misprinted, stating that it comes with two 100-shot clips. It does not.
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