Crosman Stinger S2 Clear Airsoft KitZoom

Crosman Stinger S2 Clear Airsoft Kit

The Stinger R36 Clear
The R36 airsoft rifle, which resembles elite U.S. Navy SEALs weaponry, was designed for the ultimate tactical experience. A four-sided rail structure lets you mount various accessories like the crosshair sight and LED flashlight that come standard. The Hop-Up system puts a backspin on your plastic BBs, giving them increased distance and accuracy. Plus, you can use this airsoft gun as a mini-rifle or attach the stock and compensator for the increased control of a full-size rifle.

Stinger P30
This airsoft pistol is a repeating spring-powered gun. Plastic BBs get maximum distance and accuracy thanks to the Hop-Up backspin. Loads up to 16 plastic BBs.

The airsoft Goggles feature shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses, frames made of a flexible TPR material (Thermo Plastic Rubber), anti-fog ventilation and an adjustable strap for added comfort.
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