ICS-60 CXP.08 Concept Rifle Airsoft RifleZoom

ICS-60 CXP.08 Concept Rifle Airsoft Rifle

Item# ICS-60
The original ICS Creation, It­?s one and the only in the world
Because of the market demand, ICS created CXP. ICS CXP has fantastic appearance and useful tactical rail. This design allows players easily to install different kinds of accessories on CXP. No matter where you are, ICS CXP always makes you under the spot light and to be the champion.

The new designed retractable stock is very easy to use. There are six positioning holes. You can change the length of the stock according to your favor and your mission. It can work with the sling ring and make you completely win the assault battle.

CXP has the strongest fore structure. The embedded barrel joins to metal body tightly. This deign removed the waver problem which results from the weak structure of the outer tube or the incompact body.

ICS pursues quality without limited. We create our CXP with M4 pistol and upgrade the shooting speed to M120 / 395 fps. We also use our reinforced gearbox that you can only find in ICS to create the masterpiece.


length: 695mm  
length with stock retracted: 595mm
weight: 2750g  
magazine capacity: 450 rounds
Initial speed: M120 / 395 fps

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