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ICS-20 GM4A1 Retractable Stock Airsoft Rifle

Item# ICS-20
From initial conception of ICS M4A1 AEG, ICS maintains the highest level of quality control. Utilizing high precision cast and machined aluminum enable ICS to further enhance structure strength, and also give ICS M4A1 the correct weight and balance; thus a much more realistic look and feel. This holds true to its rugged polymer plastic stocks, available in either the six position retractable stock or the fixed rifle stock.

Perfect metallic performance is basic character of ICS, the ICS M4A1 follow up the excellent traditional and will feature full metal construction as metal receiver­Bremovable carry handle­Bouter barrel­Bfront and rear sights­Bsling mounts­Bmag release­Bfront barrel assembly­Bflash hider­Bejection port cover and cocking handle.., etc­C

ICS M4A1 AEG series is designed to utilize the maximum available space within its fore grip and the fixed stock to accommodate a wide range of battery depending on your AEG application, training / game playing duration, or modifications. ICS can provide you with all your battery need with quality Sanyo rechargeable battery packs.

Retractable stock- the six positions retractable stock is made of aluminum steel and high quality nylon material. The spacious space of handguard to accommodate bigger battery 8.4v-600mAh­B9.6v-600 mAh­B9.6v-1100 mAh­B9.6v-1700 mAh­B12v-1100 mAh.

Reinforcement Outer Barrel
ICS M4A1 AEG series have a unique gun drilled outer barrel that­?s materially strong, precision mated to the reinforced aluminum receiver. This eliminate the common barrel wobbling problem know to all other makes of M4 AEGs. These designs also allow a smooth exchange of barrel assembly and fore grip to the soon to be released ICS M16 A3 carbine configuration.

Strive upper receiver
Strengthened cast machined alloy upper receiver with an integrated RIS rail. This will support any attachments or the detachable carrying handle with precision fit will reliably withstand the stress from your practical training / game playing.

New design of forward assist
You can just push the forward assist to release the spring tension before storage, the intimate consideration designed is accurate the spring back to right condition to avoid the weary caused by spring tension.

450 round high capacity magazine
The high capacity magazine is supplied with your original gun and the size is same as real. Enhanced spring load up 450 round high capacities smoothly, don­?t be afraid jam happened.

Internal Unique Components

New function and particular construction is our ultimate target. The M4A1 present our best effort to provide the easy operation conditions and upgrade the use value of component and spare parts.

New designed of Hop up system
The upper feed seat of Hop up made by one-piece, it sure push the BB smoothly to the correct position without fault. The adjust knob adjusted steady to every point correctly without slide problem.

Receiver pin
We upgrade the function to the front and rear receiver pin; we put a spring at the end of receiver pin to avoid the loose problem of shake cause by intensely shooting. The upgrade receiver pin joined the upper receiver and down receiver perfect and closely. It is also easy to push out the pin only use a screwdriver, saving you a lot of time on the assembly processing.

Modular designed gearbox
This gearbox is construct by two parts- upper gearbox and lower gearbox. The entire top cylinder and piston assembly is separate from the gear and motor section, this revolutionary modular design help users to exchange the suitable modular easily in a skirmish and do the accurate maintain or repair.
Modular piston assemblies increase the convenient of upgrade the firepower in a skirmish. We apply high precision structure on piston assemblies, it will be wrap tightly in upper gearbox.
We have patent on the gearbox lock lever, it fix the upper and down gearbox firmly and tough.

Low resistance switch assembly
ELECTRIC POWER is the power source of AEG; to build up a low resistance working environment is top important subject. We use fresh new conduct electricity on switch plate and assembly on M4A1 to eliminate the resistance cause by heat and run off the electric power, the new low resistance switch assembly provides the best efficacy for the output power.

Data of M4A1 Carbine Air Electric Gun
Hop-Up: Yes
Initial Velocity: 90-100 m/s
Firing Rate: 920 BB/m
Barrel Length: 375 mm
Battery:ICS(MC-24 9.6V 1700mAh)
Motor : ICS Turbo 3000
Weight: 3000g
Max.range: 40m
Pellet Capacity:450

Battery & Charger sold separately
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