ICS-07 G MP5 A2 Airsoft RifleZoom

ICS-07 G MP5 A2 Airsoft Rifle

Item# ICS-07
1.SEF style trigger grip
2.Buttstock model
3.Exact replica gun realism
4.High quality
5.Competitive price
6.Metal body
7.Motor heat sink
8.Reinforce gearbox

All ICS AEG come with
2 Hi- capacity magazine (230 round),Cleaning-rod, English Manual

Reinforced Gearbox: Version 2
Hop-Up: Yes
Initial Velocity: 90-100 m/s
Firing Rate: 690 BB/M
Length: 680 mm
Barrel Length: 230 mm
Battery:ICS(8.4V1800mah)(8.4V2000mah)(8.4V2400mah)Located in handguard.(9.6V1800mah,9.6V2000mah need modification on stock)
Motor : ICS Turbo 3000
Weight: 1970g
Max.range: 30m
Pellet Capacity:230

Battery & Charger sold separately
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